Fixture List

Always check before travelling as sometimes changes to dates and formulae appearing may occur.


Day Date Time Track  
Sat 30/09/2017 4.30pm Stoke World Showdown
1600cc Bangers WORLD FINAL,BriSCA F2 Stock Cars,  Stoxkarts WORLD FINAL National Ministox  , F2 Heritage
Sun 01/10/2017 4.00pm Sheffield NPC Shoot Out Round
BriSCA F1 Stock Cars, National Ministox
Sun 08/10/2017 4.00pm Belle Vue Covstox@Belle Vue
BriSCA F1 Stock Cars, V8 Hot Stox, National Ministox
Sat 14/10/2017 4.30pm Stoke White Van Man MASSACRE!
Small Van Bangers, BriSCA F2 Stock Cars NPC, Junior Bangers ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP  , Startrax Hot Rods, Lady Bangers, 1600cc Bangers
Sun 15/10/2017 4.00pm Belle Vue TERMINATOR!
Unlimited Bangers Terminator X, BriSCA F2 Stock Cars NPC, UK Modifieds
Sat 21/10/2017 4.30pm Stoke National Championship
2Ltr Bangers NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL ,Rebels Racers, V8 Hotstox, National Ministox  ,1300cc Saloons WoS FINAL
Sun 22/10/2017 Stoke Autograss Explosion!
Nasa rules Autograss day
Sun 29/10/2017 12 noon Stoke Battle of Britain!
Micro Bangers Battle of Britain Teams of 3, BriSCA F2 Stock Cars , Startrax Hot Rods PRG SHOOTOUT  , Lady Bangers , REBELS RACERS
Sat 04/11/2017 4.30pm Stoke Covstox@Stoke!
BriSCA F1 Stock Cars, National Ministox, V8 Hot Stox
Sun 05/11/2017 3.30pm Belle Vue £1000 FIREWORKS SPECTACULAR!
BriSCA F2 , National Ministox, F2 Heritage, 1600cc Bangers Northern Drivers Championship  FIREWORKS
Sun 12/11/2017 3.30pm Belle Vue The BIG RACE SERIES FINALE!
BriSCA F1 NPC FINALE  , V8 Hotstox, National Ministox
Sun 19/11/2017 12 noon Stoke Pride of the Potteries
Unlimited Bangers PRIDE of the POTTERIES, 1600cc Bangers DD, Startrax Hot Rods, Lady Bangers DD,  Junior Bangers 2017 All Star Champions Race
Sun 03/12/2017 12 noon Stoke Micro Banger Battle of Britain GOLD
Micro Bangers BATTLE OF BRITAIN, Hot Rods, Junior Bangers, Lady MICRO Bangers DD,UK Mofiieds
Tue 26/12/2017 12.30pm Stoke Christmas Cracker!
BriSCA F1 Stock Cars,  1600cc Banger Teams of 3, National Ministox  , Junior Bangers