Only 2 Weeks to go!
Stan Woods 2018 THE biggest Classic Car meeting of the year!

Drivers from Holland Ireland Scotland Wales & England competing in Memory of one of the pioneers of Banger Racing. Cars from 5 decades of motoring up to the 1970,s in nostalgic racing that later in the day turns into old Skool wrecking.
Rollovers Track blockages and more are normal for this meeting.

Dare you miss it?

R1 Unders Ht1
R2 Unders Ht2
R3 Overs Ht1
R4 Overs Ht2
R5 Overs Ht3 Subject to Cars
R6 Unders Ht3
R7 Unders Ht4
R8 Overs All-Comers 1
R9 Unders All-Comers 1
R10 Overs All-Comers 2
R11 Unders All-Comers 2
R12 Unders All-Comers 3
R12a Overs Stan Woods Final 
R14 Unders Stan Woods Final
R15 Overs Helter Skelter & DD Subject to Cars
R16 Unders Helter Skelter & DD