Winter National Banger Massacre IV 

There is always something special about the opening event of any season, the anticipation nd expectation – and simply renewing friendships after a lengthy winter and everyone is of the mood ‘let’s go racing’

Unlimited National Bangers are always the stars of the show and we only get a chance to see them at Stoke 4 times a year and once again we are delighted at the early interest with a very,very solid entry on Northern Big Hitters on the grid and of course the regional rivalry on track for honour! It’s already a cracking line up of well known names from across the North, more than capable of delivering the action demanded from Grass roots full contact National Bangers.

Also encouraging is the entry for 1600cc Bangers, already over 30 entered which should provide ‘lively’ racing from this lower CC class that lives up to the reputation of the full blown National Bangers in terms of contact and action – Interest in the formula for 2019 seems very high and encouraging for a great season

Junior Bangers are a staple at Startrax offering the opportunity for drivers of the future to get involved from age 11 in what basically is designed as a nudge and spin formula with many progressing at 16 into full blown Bangers – but don’t under estimate the entertainment these provide.

We also welcome back our growing band of Lady Bangers which year on year we try to build and again gaining a reputation for excellent on track action matching the men

Add to that a healthy list of Startrax Hot Rods and a welcome back to ORCi Ministox, this is shaping up into a great late Winter session to kick off 2019 – Wrap up warm and get along for a cracking afternoon!

21 (P) Chelsea Wilson
28 (P) Chloe Bricknell
100 Emma Mullins
112 Phillipa Prestage
149 Vivenne Chapman
175 Laura Bulldeath
185 Nikisha Downs
226 (P) Lauren Bricknell
232 Samantha White
584 Kimberley Smith
627 Bekah Everatt
850 Mikaela Teal
Junior Bangers - 14
14 Will Walmsley Jnr
33 Jacob Hampson
90 Joey Holmes
112 Coby Jay Prestage
132 Archie Cullum
168 Ralph Fitton
183 Mitchell Banton
211 Kai Newbury
239 Mollie Taylor
284 Liam Chandeller
448 Lexi Genders
800 Jacob Rushton
888 Alfie Tomlinson
928 Mason Dobbs
1600cc Bangers - 31
9 Chris Cooley
10 Charlie Mason
13 Bobby Palin
17 Shane Heath
21 David Watson
27 Phil Rodel
30 Josh Tonks
60 Dan Croskell
120 Lewis Fallows
123 Paul Manning
127 Kieran Paul
132 Connor Dando
146 Alastair Carter
174 Aaron Smith
180 Nathan Johnson
198 Tommy Dawes
204 Travis Dring
226 Karl Smith
290 Jonathan Harrison
302 Mark Tonks
374 Jake Carter
413 Dave Brown
432 Damian Craig
573 Oggie Ogden
580 Peter Bland
619 Nathan Thompson
708 Carol Barresilo
711 Charles Harrison
821 Ryan Shuff
919 Liam Cooley
180* Drew Parkes
Unlimited National Bangers - 50
9 Tom Jordan
13 Malc Gilbert
14 Jo Persico
18 Ash Law
21 Gavin Robinson
42 Gregg Brunt
49 Loz Dowds
57 Mark Gilbert
64 Dewi Cahill
104 Mick Siddals
109 Leon Barton
113 Ben Leek
127 Tom Blakemore
132 Chris Cullum
133 Ian Parkes
164 Gary Shaw
169 James Rushton
171 Tommy West
179 Shaun Rushton
181Grant Doe
195 Reece Marsh
200 Steven Noon
205 Reece Moran
211 Jamie Pole
236 Andy Robinson
252 Gareth Griffiths
267 Martin French
269 Tom Morris
269 Dean French
281 Brad Challender
284 James Head
326 Ryan Moran
353 Sean Mullins
353 Dan Buckley
355 Martin Mullins
366 Mathan Wren
580 Peter Bland
632 Callum Reed
774 Peter Sill
800 Tom Hannah
77 Tom Hertzog
466 Dalton Steele
25 Joe Parsons
932 Rhys Reed
874 Howard Walker
591 Marc Blower
737 Bradley Dee
382 Rory Adams
479 Dale Jakubowski
526 Jak D
To follow – Hot Rods & ORCi Ministox

Gates Open 10am

Adults £17
Senior Citizen £15
Child 12 – 15 £6
Accompanied Children under 12 Free
Programme £1
Limited Trackside parking
Cars £5
Larger vehicles £10
Dogs on leads welcome