World Showdown 
Pre event entertainment from with Junior StoxKarts

Grand Parade for StoxKart Championship

It's another Saturday Night thrill show at Chesterton Stadium with a quality and action packed late afternoon evening of Oval Racing thrills and excitement for all the family!

Close on 200 Cars! Bring your camera, bring the kids, pack a picnic, bring your chairs and let Startrax entertain you with a perfect family night out of great Action Stock Car and Banger Racing!

It's a case of where to start at one of the UK's friendliest Raceways but top billing must go to Startrax own 'in house' form of all action Banger Racing as we welcome drivers and seeds from all parts of the Country for the 2017 1600cc Banger World Championship and the right to wear the coveted 'Gold Roof' - Drivers have qualified all year to make the grid, had to be involved and avoid destruction to make the final cut and adding spice are seeds from the UK's top venues from around the UK. Currently close on 70 Bangers are entered and, with so many, a Last Chance Qualifier will allow some lucky finishers to make the back of the golden grid. 38 drivers have already pre qualified with 5 spaces up for grabs at the back of the grid on the night after battling a possible 30+ Last chance race! Manic Banger Racing action at it's most action packed.

Championships are not restricted to the Bangers as we feature the quirky StoxKarts, a formula that has become National and designed not to be taken too seriously, but trust me, it is! With a big grid of these budget racers on track and full contact, expect a lively race as it's the one everyone wants to win - and despite their size, they are quite nippy and great fun. They also have support races during the show.

We are pleased to welcome BriSCA's wildest kids as the National Ministox hit town - 1000cc Mini shelled 'space framed' Stock Cars in effect with plenty of ironwork designed for full on contact and quite literally too fast-too furious!
You will be amazed when some of these drivers step out to collect their trophy that they are kids aged 11 to 16 years of age - but watch them race and you just would not believe it!

We have another welcome back for the Heritage Cars who never fail to put on a good show at Loomer Road introducing some nostalgia with a flashback as to how things used to be in the good old 1960's

Last but certainly not least we have the explosive BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - once again Big grids of these pinto powered monsters in sideways shale action which never fails to provide top drawer action and entertainment. Close on 50 drivers entered including many of the sports top shale exponents!

It all adds up to a pulsating all weather, come rain or shine family high octane night out. The stadium has huge race view grass banking where you can bring chairs, picnics, spread out and watch all the racing - there is even Track side parking where you can watch raceview. We also have a covered Grandstand and Race view Bar and terracing and you can collect a bite with some delicious fast food!

Let's go Racing!
Startrax 1600cc Bangers World Final

Startrax Qualifiers Grid
In      Out

Last Chance Qualifier

70 Jamie Thomas 
288 Billy Collins

290 Jonathan Harrison

181 Grant Doe

784 Henry Murray

29 Jamie Locker
299 Dale Locker
969 Kelv Fox 

21 Gavin Robinson
355 Martin Mullins

298 Carl Locker
950 Scott Gamble

Banger entries so far Booked In (67/75)

002 Lee Hampson
08 Mark Baggaley 
10 Sam Birchall
12 Alex Fisher
13 Ben Leek
17 Shane Heath
19 Joe Frankland 
21 Gavin Robinson
23 Barry Staples
29 Jamie Locker
31 Danny Pollock
35 Michael Doody
42 Greggers Racing
55 Graham Smith
60 James French
66 Dave Dorans
67 Alex Marsh
69 Matt Randall 
70 Jamie Thomas
104 Ellis Hopkins
115 Ben Schumman
118 Jason Anslow 
123 Paul Manning 
124 Ian Sharratt
125 Craig Sharratt
126 Scott Sharratt
127 Tom Blakey Blakemore
128 Alex Elson
129 Jord Anthony William Tyler
132 Connor Dando
146 Alastair Carter
164 Gary Shaw
174 Aaron Smith
181 Grant Doe
193 Tony McCarthy
195 Elvis Hopkins 
201 Perry Downes
204 Travis Dring 
205 Reece Moran
226 Karl Smithy Smith
244 Callum Churm
286 Tyler Brett
288 Billy Collins
290 Jonathan Harrison
292 Paul Davies 
298 Carl Locker
299 Dale Locker
321 Rich Manning
326 Ryan Moran
355 Martin Mullins
360 Darren Leech 
373 Scott Murrell
374 Jake Carter
409 Tom Baker 
410 Jake Calvert 
411 Wes Blakemore
471 Fred Smith 
711 Nigel Warburton
746 Deejay Tyler
774 Peter Sill
784 Henry Murray
790 Jay Buckley
821 Ryan Shuff
919 Liam Cooley
950 Scott Gamble 
969 Kelv Fox
993 Jake McCarthy

BriSCA F2 entries
UPDATE ON BOOKINGS FOR 30th September at Stoke as at 18th September - 46
13 Andy Ford
26 Gary Ford
55 Courtney Finnikin
59 Lee Dimmock
70 Brian Shadbolt
88 Stefan Miller
108 John Riley
119 Anthony Sutton
132 Dan Birkin
135 Shaun Taylor
136 Kyle Taylor
139 Brian Mason
142 Jonathan Hadfield
184 Aaron Vaight
209 Kevin Cope
219 Chris Mitchell
225 Tony Blackburn
226 Billy Webster
235 Bradley Blyth
247 Richard Brown
276 Chris Sutton
282 Ant Riley
298 Jake Walker
318 Leyton O Reilly
377 Daz Shaw
381 Josh Caine
431 Andy Gibbs
524 Michael Wallbank
533 Jonny Whittaker
560 Luke Wrench
578 'The Undertaker' - smile as you descend!
581 Dan Fallows
608 Keith Minshall
669 John Hindley
706 Brent Russell
715 Scott Aldridge
728 Carl Pilkington
735 Mick Haworth
770 Jay Lamb
787 Ollie Hertzog
788 Stephen Mallinson
817 Tim Bailey
819 Neil Cope
823 Sam Wagner
894 Tom Bradley
995 Michael Lund

The Main event for StoxKarts
2017 Championship entries
1 Danny Nunn
Super Star
22 Ryan Jones
229 Joe Higgins
265 Carl Nunn
324 Jordon Thackra
471 Alaster Houghton
4 Andrew Duddy
8 Matthew Lloyd
27 Chris Butcher
58 Dex Linden
64 Mark McCann
257 Kelvin Limb
380 Liam Powell
387 Hannah Chappell
2 Steve Robinson
66 Chris Girdler
73 Craig Underhill
77 Shaun Jenkinson
147 Tim Faultless
212 Matthew Fenton
238 Kane Morgan
313 Sara Royall
528 Rob Key
7 Paul Hinckley
16 Alaister Needham
31 Paul Higgins
35 Graham Wheat
111 Russ Sumner
112 Lee Sumner
249 Jack Morgan
534 Graham Harbud
567 Peter Savage
804 Jamie Milne
810 Aimee Havercroft
816 Marc Lawson
776 Kurt Pierce
Junior Stoxkarts
59 Connor Benstead
24 Harley Thackra
Super Star
53 Megan Charlesworth
21 Alex Butcher
33 Luke Woodhull
34 Ben Woodhull
304 Nathan Topliffe
468 Bradley Cooper
2 Finn Robinson
80 Shay Murphy
162 James Kettlewell
513 Jack Charlesworth
90 Joeseph Sheldon
169 Chloe Clarke
429 Jordan Wildman
818 Reece Lawson
52 Owen Strong
260 Chester Love
345 Thomas Andrew
369 Jack Atkinson

R1 Stoxkarts World Final
R2 Heritage F2 Ht1
R3 1600cc Bangers LCQ
R4 Ministox Ht1
R5 F2 Ht1
R6 F2 Ht2
R7 1600cc Banger World Final
R8 Stoxkarts Ht1
R9 Heritage F2 Ht2
R10 F2 Consolation
R11 Ministox Ht2
R12 1600cc Bangers A/C1
R12a Stoxkarts Ht2
R14 F2 Final
R15 Heritage F2 Final
R16 Ministox Final
R17 Stoxkarts Final
R18 F2 GN
R19 1600cc Bangers A/C2

Gates Open

1.00pm ALL ADMISSION - SIMPLY PAY AT THE GATE ON THE DAY - Credit and debit card welcome

Adults £16
Concession £14
Child 12 - 15 £7

Race view Trackside Parking £5 Cars £10 Big Vans [ Limited ]