Battle of Britain! 

The JapSmash Halloween Spectacular at Loomer Road coming up Sunday 29th October from 12 Noon

As we approach Winter, we go up a gear with Startrax and for Halloween we offer fantastic entertainment at Chesterton Stadium! In keeping with the Halloween season, we are putting together a great family afternoon AND ALL KIDS IN HALLOWEEN COSTUME are admitted Free Under 12 PLUS a Parade Lap in costume where our judges will pick the best and a selection of the best will win prizes! A fantastic afternoon for the Kids! Plus on track, it's too fast, too furious - They may be small, but they are gritty, tenacious and 'tough' as we put on track the 2017 Battle of Britain Teams in Micro Bangers! Full contact all out TEAM WARS! Full on National Banger entertainment. We also have the quirky full contact REBELS RACERS, big grids of cars with BriSCA F2 Stock Car Racing, Startrax own 'Hot Rod' class and the best of the Ladies in Lady Banger Racing. Full throttle action, let Startrax entertain you!

Chesterton Stadium whilst quite basic is family and pet friendly, offers raceview trackside parking [ at a nominal extra cost ] where your can watch the action unfold in front of you - ample grass banking where you can bring your chairs and picnic plus in case of weather covered stand with terracing and indoor race-view bar and fast food - plus bring your cameras and visit the stars and cars close up [ please ensure children are accompanied and supervised whilst visiting pits ] It all adds up to a High Octane seasonal afternoon of thrills and spills and a chance for the kids to show off their Ghouly costumes in the Halloween Parade!

ADMISSION - ALL PAY AT THE GATES from Credit/debit card welcome. Advance booking not required, just turn up - however you can save £2 a ticket by advance booking and collect your ticket at the gate by ringing 01253 713754 until 28th October.


1. Blooz Kidz
2.Scrapyard Screamers
3.Barton Boys
6. TGB C
7. TBG D
8. Bong Gang A
9. Bong Gang B
10.Bartley Boys
11.Barrow Boys
12. Team Trent 
13.Demons A
14. Demons B
15.Team name TBC
02 Ash Reynolds
04 Mikey Croft
EARLY STOKE BOOKINGS - 29th October - 30
70 Brian Shadbolt
111 Lewis Geach
119 Anthony Sutton
155 Michael Finnikin
136 Kyle Taylor
209 Kevin Cope
226 Billy Webster
229 Scott Hartley
277 Billy Banwell
282 Ant Riley
298 Jake Walker
306 Dan Wrenhall
374 Kai Lindsay
377 Daz Shaw
381 Josh Caine
524 Michael Wallbank
544 James Rogers
608 Keith Minshall
615 Josh Coleman
680 Jay Thompson
706 Brent Russell
708 Liam Hartley
728 Carl Pilkington
735 Mick Haworth
770 Jay Lamb
788 Stephen Mallinson
819 Neil Cope
894 Thomas Bradley
908 Stephen Pegg
995 Michael Lund
Startrax Hot Rods
PRG Motorsport Shootout Qualifiers
Reserve 126
Bookings Open  - 22
Gold/Nat Champ
282 Paul Dutton
85 Ben White Prov
Super Star
19 Shane King
284 Ryan Latham 
77 Jim Fletcher
81 Kris Millar
100 Andy Mitchell
180 Paul Lockett
281 Matt Harris
401 Carl Firkins
99 Danny Davies
102 Ayrton Mitchell
126 Alan Brown
142 Andrew Earl Prov
199 Craig Davies
213 Carl Little
270 Kieran Collis
40 Neil Hayes
80 Lorne Pilip
101 Phill Tbone Mitchell
204 Travis Dring
809 Dave Quinn
08 Lucy Baggaley
9 Kylie Baggaley
12 Misha Jane Russell
81 Gemma Lord
100 Emma Mullins
110 Mary Tyler
112 Phillippa Prestage Prov
175 Laura Bulldeath
226 Lauren Bricknell Prov
232 Samantha While
348 Shannon Hooper Prov
381 Jade Challender
622 Diane Flinders
626 Tas Godden Prov
627 Bekah Everett Prov
852 Joanne Pickworth

8 Dave Morley Belper
16 Reece Grinnell Badsey
20 Adam (AJ) Davis Hull
21 Luke Trewin Devon
29 Paul Martin Spalding
30 Rob Jones Northampton
40 Steve Fetherstone Rochdale
80 Keith Murphy Coventry
91 Tony Smith Loughborough
111 David Sayce  
120 Luke Loveland Tamworth
131 Nicole Emmett Sheffield
137 Paul Tagg Banbury
191 Joshua Smith Loughborough
202 Tom Dayman Bishops Itchington
238 Gary Tagg Banbury
258 Richard Brook Dewsbury
323 Callum White Buxton
331 Bill Haggie Long Eaton
391 Stuart Smith Loughborough
801 Steve Pritchard Bedworth
834 Paul Towers Rochdale
23 Martin Purchon 
44 Ken Edwards 
45 Alan Scothern 
53 Dan Bunyard 
56 Geoff Beresford 
62 Kevin Kettlewell 
70 Brent Russell 
85 Ben White 
169 Andy Clarke TBC 
306 Colin Bunyard 
496 Neil Holcroft 
885 Dave Tomlinson 

ADMISSION - ALL PAY AT THE GATES from Credit/debit card welcome. Advance booking not required, just turn up - however you can save £2 a ticket by advance booking and collect your ticket at the gate by ringing 01253 713754 until 28th October.

Adults £16
Concession / NUS £14
Child 12 - 15 £7
Accompanied Children Under 12 ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Family 2 Adults + up to 3 children 12 -15 £ 38