Odsal Stadium Drivers Stadium Information

Odsal Stadium – Drivers Stadium Information
22nd May 2021 – Stan Woods Memorial (National Bangers)


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The drivers gate will open at 2pm. Please DO NOT arrive before this time as it will block the approach road causing issues for our neighbours and the surrounding main roads. This is important please park up away from the stadium and arrive once the gates are open.

The pit gate entrance is shown on the map below with the yellow arrow. 

Drivers Gate 

Upon arrival at the drivers gate you will be greeted by a member of the Startrax team, if you are ORCi licenced please have your log book to hand. Drivers receive admission of driver + 1 on the pass, drivers are also entitled to an additional 4 people to enter with them making a total driver bubble of 6 (driver and 5). The additional 4 with the driver MUST also have a pre paid ticket, please have the ticket confirmation including order number to hand. 

Foot passengers are not permitted to enter through the drivers gate and therefore we ask that drivers must arrive with their bubble as a whole. 


Scrutineering will be taking place at your transporter, they will come to you. Please have everything ready for when a scrutineer comes to check your car and PPE.   

Engine Noise

There should be absolutely NO engine noise prior to 5pm – this is important to be considerate of our neighbours. The grand parade will take place at 5:30pm. 

This is a new venue and we expect a visit from the local authority. It is imperative we are good neighbours ALL CARS MUST BE FITTED WITH WORKING SILENCER including CATS. 

Watching the racing

There are two access points into the stadium from the pit area, these are displayed in the map below. You will be issued with a wristband at the driver’s gate this will enable you in and out of the stadium - do not lose it! 

Entering and exiting the track 

Please be aware the pit slope is one way traffic, follow the directions of Staff and Officials to ensure a smooth running of the event. 

The track will on all races be loaded first to create room in the pit area, once the track is ready the pit gate will shut so please be ready. 

Only tractors should be pushing cars up the pit slope, even if your car is mobile please leave this to the recovery team. 


A water tap is available for use which is located by the pit entrance gate. 

On track activities 

When you enter the track it is 5MPH (walking distance), please line up on the back straight. 

Please obey the flag signals given by the marshals at all times.

In the event of a red flag you MUST HAVE COME TO A COMPLETE STOP WITH ¼ OF A LAP. The track staff cannot enter the circuit until you have stopped. You should then only re line up once instructed to by track staff. 

Should you break down and require assistance you must remain in your car until the track is deemed safe by the meeting steward, the recovery vehicle will then attend and you must not try and take control of this situation yourself. They will communicate with you.

It is ONE DIRECTION around the track (apart from in the DD) this includes recovery, you must always go in the direction of racing.

Once on the track you must not get out of your car unless it is of real emergency (e.g. fire)

There should be absolutely no pedestrians on the race circuit whilst vehicles are moving on the track. Please follow instruction from the Startrax Team at all times.

INFIELD – We are guests of the RFL, whilst we have installed pitch protection if you end up off track you MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY and not damage the playing surface.

Grand Parade

The grand parade will take place at 5:30pm, this is restricted to the driver and ONE mechanic who should be in fireproof overalls (the mechanic should be minimum age of 16). The race driver must be in the footwell of the car (not on the bonnet or roof). Under no normal circumstances should you get out of the car during the parade until you are back at your transporter.

Heat 1 will line up on the inside of the back straight ready, please park on the inside line but again DO NOT get out of your car. Please wait for the track staff to deem the track safe for mechanics to leave once all vehicle movements have stopped.


I know this is a lot to take in and we hope this information will help to create a smooth-running event, and thankyou for your support!

This is a new venue ad we thank you for your support. Please remember it is new for our staff and stewards as well who are here to do a job and due to the nature of the elite stadium it has many restrictions other stadiums do not have. Our aim is to be good neighbours and professionals. We want you to enjoy but please work with us to make this a success.

Startrax Management Team