Odsal 19th June Postponed


Over the weekend, we have discussed as a team our progress at Odsal and thanks to a lot of advice and help, week by week, from 22nd March to 31st May to last Saturday, in a ‘huge’ stadium, we would like to believe for those who have attended, there have been huge steps forward with Saturdays event starting at 6 and finishing at

3 meetings in 22 days and turning around for 2 Rugby events – that is five big events in 22 days with many new team members and has been a huge learning curve and welcoming not only our sport back but the Bulls to their rightful home.

This coming event on Saturday 19th was planned to attract and invite local people and advertise extensively in the region and we have to appreciate that a ‘local’ audience is hugely different to regular race fans and want to make their decision at the last minute and ‘effectively’ pay on the gate. 

We cannot therefore, as yet, due to Covid and the restrictions we have in place, yet normalize things where you can just ‘walk up’ and welcome you. There are also limitations on food and drink sales in the stadium, no different to our other venue yesterday we operate at Sheffield.

Bradford is a huge venue with big expectation and, as event promoters we want to be able to deliver the ‘best possible customer experience’ – We have enjoyed tremendous and generous support also from our friends at the Bulls headed by Mr Nigel Wood [ who has just been deservedly honored in the Queens birthday list ], Tracey and all their team and we are learning as well conversion to ensure both parties operate together and smoothly. They are excellent partners and equally passionate to restore Odsal to it's rightful place for Rugby and motorsport. Between us, we are committed that the brand of Odsal will grow with integrity.

It is on that basis of customer experience, and some breathing space to take learning from the last 3 weeks forward to make it even better and we welcome the feedback we have received from each and all of our opening events.

This event will be rescheduled in the second half of the year once hopefully normality returns and we resume with our next planned event on Saturdays July 17th and July 31st and August onwards. We will notify a restaging date later in the month. 



1. You may retain the ticket for admission on 17th July – and simply bring it with you
2. Should you require a refund, please EMAIL the office using requesting a refund and these will be done on/ by Monday 21st June

We thank everyone for their support and the very many kind supportive and kind comments by means of feedback received so far, we want to move upwards again when we resume on 17th July